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Ariza Patch APK Download (2024) v0.0.4 for Android

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Is your mobile phone painstakingly slow? It is quite off-putting when the mobile takes minutes to open a browser or any other tab. There is a solution for this problem, download Ariza Patch to regain speed and control of your mobile. It aims to fix many issues faced by users in regard to mobile speed and performance.

Ariza Patch

It is common for mobiles to lag, overheat, and get slow after a while. You are probably thinking of buying a new device, however, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone. Frankly, you can easily solve these issues easily and completely with apps and software like this one.

Simply put, Ariza Patch Apk is a new, efficient mobile repair system packed in a handy, lightweight application. It brings back the mobile to its original condition by enhancing its performance and speed. In addition, this app has thousands of downloads and has been working since 2013. If you need a battery saver app then must check Charge Master.

What is Ariza Patch Apk?

It is a handy mobile repair app that helps you keep a check on the mobile system. If you want the applications to work smoothly and improve Android performance. Then Ariza Patch No Root will help you to speed up your android device.

Enjoy the real working of an Android device by freeing up space, clearing junk files, and removing empty folders. Do not worry about your phone’s battery anymore as it improves the battery life by 50%. In addition, it frees up storage to make room for new apps and tools.

Ariza Patch No Root Features

It packs many mobile repair functions under a single roof to restore the original condition of the mobile. It solves many common mobile repair issues easily without having to go to the service center.

Additionally, Ariza Patch Apk provides detailed information about mobile hardware and battery performance. All these fixes can be accessed without any cost. Have a look at the main functions to see how it improves mobile functionality.

  • RAM Booster – Optimize your phone’s performance instantly by freeing up the RAM. It is easy to increase the speed of Android devices with this lightweight app.
  • CPU Cooler – If your device’s temperature rises quickly, use this CPU cooler to cool the temperature of the CPU with a single tap.
  • Clear Junk Files – Accumulated junk files often lead to poor device performance. With a single tap, delete junk files to free up phone space and increase speed.
  • Battery Saver – Battery saver increases battery runtime by 50% by pointing out apps that drain power. Moreover, it provides key battery information and adopts a two-stage charging system to keep the battery healthy.
  • Delete Empty Folders – Get rid of unnecessary empty folders and subfolders with a single tab.
  • Repair System – It will help you manage applications and check your entire system regularly to keep it stable and fast.
  • Hardware Test – It helps you keep a check on mobile hardware to see which one is working properly.
  • Root Checker – Check the correct root access free, fast, and easily using the in-built root checker.
  • Lightweight – This app takes up 9.8MB of space and does not burden the phone to cause lag or poor performance.

How to Install Ariza Patch?

  • Step 1 – First of all, download Ariza Patch apk from the link available.
  • Step 2 – Next, turn on the Install From Unknown Sources option to permit your device to install from sources other than Google Play Store.
  • Step 3 – Lastly, install the app by tapping on the downloaded file, after 5-6 seconds, the app will be installed and ready to use.


This is a wonderful app that saves a lot of money and time and repairs many mobile issues instantly. Download Ariza Patch No Root Apk for free and enjoy the app. This will make your android phone much faster than before. Lastly, if you need some other apps like it then must check Malwarebytes.