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Charge Master Battery Saver Review:

Charge master battery saver will save your mobile battery life, extend battery life and improve battery health. Along with it, this battery saver has multiple uses. It will charge your battery in a fast-charging mode and you will not have to wait for hours.

When you connect your android phone to the charger, the fast charging mood will automatically activate. Moreover, the Charge Master battery saver Apk also protects your Android phone’s battery. This App provides a power Optimization service as well. This will stop all background applications which consume more battery and so will enhance battery life. You can also visit WiFi Map if you want to find your neighbor’s WiFi password.

Charge master battery apk

Charge master battery saver boosts your battery performance. This Apk file is simple and easy to use. It is a free service and users friendly. Furthermore, Charge master has a special feature that makes this App popular around the world. This feature will protect the battery by avoiding overcharging.

How does Charge Master Battery Saver Apk work?

  • It has an intelligent battery monitor which further consists of three charging stages. These are optimized charging, protect charging, and faster charging. They are busy monitoring the battery charging, Charging the battery more smoothly, and enhancing its life.
  • It has a powerful battery guardian which will avoid overcharging.
  • Also, it has an advanced cleaning function that will kill battery-consuming apps.
  • It has a smart notification reminder that will let you know about its functioning.
  • Chargemaster battery Apk will offer many beautiful HD wallpapers to make your android phone more stylish and beautiful.

Features of Chargemaster battery Apk:

  • It has optimized charging, protect charging and fast charging.
  • Easy and simple to use and handle.
  • The energy savings feature is also available.
  • Advance battery saver that will stop the background apps.
  • Will give you a low battery reminder.
  • The device will automatically turn to a power-saving mode when the charging goes below 10%.
  • Charge master battery Apk will boost battery performance and increase battery health.
  • Also, provide the facility of fast charging.
  • Kill the battery-consuming apps.
  • It will show accurate battery remaining time.
  • Auto-stop charging facility, when your device is fully charged.
  • Also show battery information like battery temperature, battery health, voltage, etc.
  • Full battery Alam feature is also available.
  • Also, offer a smart collection of beautiful HD wallpapers for your android phones.

How to Charge Battery in a faster mode:

  • Download the apk file of the Charge master battery saver from the link given at the bottom of this page.
  • Secondly, allow the app to access notifications on your android phone.
  • Allow the battery to charge in full reminder mode.
  • Enjoy the fast charge battery booster.


All these features are entirely free. So don’t waste a single minute downloading Charge master battery Saver Apk for your android phone. The download link is given from where you can get the APK file. If you have a good experience with it then please share this with your friends so that they can have the same experience as you have.

If you have any questions regarding this battery saver App then you may ask in the comment section. Feel free and don’t hesitate while ask. Lastly, if you want to get a free streaming app then must check VRV Streaming.