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What is E-Tour?

Everyone is well aware of different tourist websites and their functioning. Similarly, E-tour is also a professional tourism website that combines tourism information, e-commerce, and network interaction. Its performance was outstanding in China and now it’s becoming popular in Pakistan as well. This provides the investors a platform to invest their funds in it and earn a handsome amount of returns. It has broken the traditional ways of earning money and brought the simple and easiest ways to become a millionaire.

E tour APK

The goal is to build connections based on smart tourism management, destination operation, industrial monitoring, electronic transactions, and big service system support. Moreover, it also provides big connections, strong service, huge data, unique techniques, and intellectual property rights.

How does E-tour work?

Its working process is very simple and user-friendly. It got four-level agent models with zero investment. The agents can get their rewards from the four levels of offline and if they have exceeded the fourth level then they won’t be able to get any revenue. E-tour allows its members to send a unique invitation or promotion code to their friends and family. If their friends and family join the group and invest more than $100 then the invitation sender will get a reward of around $20. Similarly, the person who invests more than $100 will also get his rookie award of around $9. If any member is able to build 10 active team members then he will get $28 and they can earn a reward up to $1888 if their team members reach 1000.

Furthermore, E-tour has around 5 packages which are Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Priceline, Expedia, and Skyscanner. The minimum criteria of the first package Airbnb is $50 investment and zero members. But if you want to unlock Tripadvisor then you need to invest $1000-5000 and also 5 subordinates. Similarly, the criteria grow on and if you want to unlock the fifth package then you need 56 active team members and have to invest more than $50,000.

Each package has a different number of tickets to open. In the case of Airbnb, you will be given 18 tickets each day and you will get the returns of investment on the basis of these tickets. The number of tickets grows if you unlock the upper packages and in Tripadvisor, you will be able to open 28 tickets each day, and definitely your return will be much more in the second package as compared to the first one.

How to Recharge & Withdraw Money from E-tour?

The withdrawal and recharge method is very simple and easy. You need to create a Binance account for it. Once you make your Binance account fully verified then you have to connect it with your E-tour account. For the recharge of money, you have to copy the wallet address from your E-tour account and paste it into the Binance account once you initiated the withdrawal from Binance. After a few minutes wait for the transaction will be completed and you have to take a screenshot of it and insert that on your E-tour account. The service providers will ensure the transaction and release the payment into your E-tour account.

Similarly, the withdrawal method is also simple. You need to connect your Binance account with etour and provide all the necessary things there. After that, you can withdraw your money with just a single click. Within 24 hours you will get your money from etour accounts to your Binance account. If you faced any delays in the transaction then contact the customer care service they will help you out. Etour has very well and professional customer care service providers and they will be available 24/7.