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Finding the best Skyrim Mods is quite a task given that there are thousands of mods available on Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. These mods are great for you to customize your experience of this classic game. Skyrim Mod Nexus has multiple options to choose from, focusing on different aspects of this classic RPG game.

Moreover, Skyrim Mods Reddit has become just as popular as the original game, boasting tens of millions of downloads. The modern tools are heavily updated with new and advanced features to tweak certain aspects and interfaces.

skyrim mods

Furthermore, there is a whole exciting world of Skyrim Mods Xbox One that will pursue you to grab as many tools as possible. Also, choose the best mods to find new spells, cloaks, equipment, weapons, and more. It is important to choose the right, top-performing Nexus mods for Skyrim to get bundles of tweaks and updates.

What is Skyrim Mods Reddit?

Hence, without further ado let’s introduce you to some of the best Skyrim Mods Reddit.


SKYUI is a quality mod for Skyrim with some advanced features. It has been downloaded by over 24 million players thanks to the new and revised user interface optimized for mouse and keyboard users.

Also, the new version includes many improvements and enhancements for a better gaming experience. It has several features

  • Inventory Management – The mod is designed with a feature-packed panel for convenient full-text search, sorting, and extended data columns.
  • Menus – The recent version includes crafting, enchanting, alchemy, and smithing.
  • Favorites – Get access to your favorite or essential items quickly with this menu.
  • Playstyles – Use the 08 customizable hotkey groups to discover different playstyles.
  • MCM – This menu supports easy customization of gameplay.
  • Multilingual – It supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Japanese.

Immersive Armors:

Meanwhile, it is developed by Hothtrooper44, this Skyrim mod multiplayer enhances the armors of the classic titles. The new version has MCM mod which allows seamless customization and greater mod compatibility.

  • Sets of Armors – This mod has more than 55 new sets of armors and 60+ including variants.
  • Shields – For protection, the Skyrim player will get 396 new shields.
  • Accessories – It includes plenty of non-set helmet options, eye patches, capes, earrings, scarves, and more.


Similarly, this mod is all about aesthetics and character customization, from multiple RGBA warpaint, body paints, and hand paints to foot paints. In-depth character customization and redesigning are easily done with a complete overhaul.

  • Customization – Adjust player’s height, bicep size, glute size, breast size, and breast curve size.
  • Paints – It supports multiple warpaints as well as paints for the body, hands, and foot.
  • Interface – It has a basic plugin interface and is compatible with a controller.
  • Tattoos – The mod has 8 male body tattoos, 14 partial female body tattoos, and one female UNP nail paint.

Skyrim mods HD – 2K Textures:

As the name suggests, it has tons of textures to make the gun fun. The latest version has up to 8K textures at maximum resolution covering landscapes and dungeons.

  • Landscapes & Dungeons – It has nearly all the textures available for landscapes and dungeons.
  • Architecture – Under this menu, you will find all cities including Whiterun, Windhelm, Farmhouses, Solitude, Markarth, and Riften.
  • Sky & Water – You will get options like Stars, Galaxy, and Sunglare for Sky and Water surface, Rain Ripples, Water fog, and Water streams for Water.
  • Others – Other features include Reflections, LOD textures, clutter, clothes, etc.

Wet and Cold:

Skyrim is set in a chilly place, however, rarely the effects of weather are seen in the original game. Further, this mod offers plenty of weather visual effects and NPC AI enhancements applicable to all actors.

  • Drips – With this effect, water drips from armor and body parts during rain.
  • Soggy Feet – A splash sound effect is produced from each footstep during/after rain or swimming.
  • Rain Blind – The raindrops may blind you when looking up.
  • Breaths – When in frigid regions, exhale visible moisture from the nose and mouth while talking (NPCs only), running, sprinting, or fighting.
  • Others – Other effects include snow accumulation, strong winds, blizzard blind, and others.

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim Mod Nexus:

Besides, Skyrim mod manager is popular for spells, scrolls, and staves. It offers 155 spells for different levels of expertise.

  • Novice – The list of spells includes Alarm, Longstride, and Prepare for Adventure.
  • Apprentice – The player will find spells like Drop Zone, Ocato’s Recital, Perilous Path, Raise Walls, Reynos’ Fins, and Wither.
  • Adept – It includes Locate Object, Spell Twine, Strength of Earth, Tharn’s Prison, Thundering Hooves, and Undermine.
  • Expert – Find spells like Detonate Lock, Deep Storage, Entomb, Fabricate Object, Knowledge is Power, and Tumble Magnet.
  • Master – Acceleration Rune, Battletide, Control Weather, Hethoth’s Grimoire, Milestones, Malviser’s Gauntlet, Wind Running, Thrumming Stone, Talons of Nirn, and Sotha’s Maelstrom are getable.


Moreover, this is one of the exciting mods that add many fun elements to the game. It offers

  • New land
  • 20-30 hours of additional gameplay
  • 26 quests
  • New items and armor
  • Soundtracks
  • Fully voiced experience

Moonpath to Elsweyr Skyrim mods:

Also, one of the oldest quest mods, reveals hidden paths from Skyrim to Elsweyr. On the way from Moonpath to Elsweyr, the player will get to travel the secret paths leading to burning deserts, Emerald jungles, and cerulean skies.

Besides, the developers have worked on improving the graphical quality and fixing numerous bugs. Also, it has been downloaded about a million times and adds plenty of new locations and stories to enjoy.


Lastly, it is hard to cover over 60000 Skyrim mods in a single post, so, we have tried to cover the best ones. Finally, there is no clear winner, install the mod that provides the features you need. You can also check SK Siam VIP Injector for Free FIre.